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"A Stroll in The Park"



We are celebrating our 15th year in 2005!!!!

Member of

Tourism Toronto

City of Toronto's Green Tourism Association

Hike Ontario

* 99% of our participants are Single, but Couples, Groups & T.O. Visitors are welcome to join in the Fun!

Please note these events on your calendar and join today! We have a lot of fun!

Hope to see you!

Fun afternoon nature walks for Single Nature Lovers

in Toronto and Surrounding areas. By Car or TTC.

Day trips and weekend

Special Events*

are also listed on the


Call today!


Event info. line : 484-WALK (9255)



Beautiful Edwards Gardens above.We're having a fun day walking along
Wilket Creek to Sunnybrook Park.

A great way to stay safe, get some exercise, and meet a
bunch of people with the same interests.

New location every week to two weeks on Sat. and /or Sun. See all the different parks in the GTA and More!


Initially created for single women, but men like it too!

"A Stroll in The Park" promotes safety in numbers.

Approximately 25 people per group.



Enjoying Sherwood Forest


The City of Toronto has been using our Photos to promote our Parks
internationally since 2005.

If NO time to mail, REGISTER at the walk. Look for me ,Christa , I have a backpack and Sweat shirt that says "A Stroll in the Park" (That's me in the middle)

Please note participation of any "A Stroll in The Park" event is entirely at your own risk.

Wear X-trainer trail shoes with good support, but not too stiff, (New Balance foot wear products are good), 1/2 size larger may also help with comfort.

Wear Acrylic or Acrylic blend socks, (Wool in the winter) and put cream on your feet to lessen friction while walking. Note: Acrylic is a smoother fiber then cotton and helps to prevent blisters even in the summer. Sorel snow boots are recommended for deep snow winter walks. Wear layered clothes you can remove if you get hot. Bring 1 liter of water and healthy snack food. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.

Rain coat and rain pants plus "waterproofed" , (silicone sprayed) footwear recommended for our fun rainy day walks.

In Winter wear polyester next to your skin to wick away moisture. Cotton will absorb sweat, (great for the summer),which may freeze in the winter and lead to hypothermia. i.e. Arctic Drylete by Hind is a moisture transfer management garment. Made from 60% polyester,30% Nylon, 10% spandex. Excellent way to keep dry & warm underneath in the winter
to prevent hypothermia.
Acrylic, Polyester fleece or wool layers are best with outer
wind shell coat.
If Icy conditions exits :
Anti-skid detachable safety soles called "ICER'S" are available at Shoppers home health care outlets.

Outings are never canceled .
Walks take place Rain or Shine
Bring an umbrella for rainy days. (Raincoats and rain pants.)

Many afternoon walks do have a 1/2 way departure point.

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National Post - June 23, 2001, Toronto Life - March 1998 issue coverage,
Toronto Sun newspaper - May 96 & More!

Dear Nature Lover Letter from Christa

Happy Trails from


120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario

M4P 1E2


Event line : 484-WALK (484-9255)


For a FREE INFORMATION package please give us a call or e-mail us with your address, age, telephone #'s and how you found out about our group.


"A Stroll in The Park" is good exercise for the Heart and

promotes safety in numbers.


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Please note: this page is always under construction.

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More Special events coming in 2011

Check this site often for updates!

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* 99% of our participants are Single, but Couples are welcome to join in the Fun!

Visitors to Toronto and Groups
are also welcome!!!
Join us!

We are celebrating our 21st year in 2011!!!


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