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This Weekend's Fun Walk
copyright © 1990 - 2013 - to present date A Stroll in The Park Walking & Adventure Club
Fun walks for Singles in Toronto. 99% Singles. Couples, Groups and Visitors to Toronto welcome.
School, Company, Special Interest or needs, walks by request.

Thank you Members for your Membership support over the last 20 years! Your presence makes our fun walks a GREAT SUCCESS!

WINNER! Best "Active Date" in the Dating Category. (Group Date that is.)
Nominated and Winner of's BEST OF T.O.

Join us for some outdoor fun! Good exercise and a great way to socialize.

WALK: Cabbage Town, Allan Gardens Tropical Green House and Riverdale Farm fun walk!!!
Sat. Mar. 9 - Ages 18 to 35+ and Sun. Mar. 10 - Ages 35 to 65+
TIME: - 12:30 for registration. 12:45 to sign in.
MEETING SPOT: Starbucks Coffee Shop on the N/W corner of Yonge and College.
Across from the College Subway and the College Park building.

Meet me, Christa. See you inside the Starbucks Coffee Shop
Go to College Subway on the Yonge line.
Come up into the College Park building
Go to Starbucks on the N/W street corner at College and Yonge.
( TTC 416 - 393-4636 )

By Car: Drive to Yonge & College,
it turns into Carlton on east side.
Park in a lot. There is one behind Fran’s, beside College Park or near
Maple Leaf Gardens.

Hwy: - 401 - South on Yonge

Optional Dinner & Drinks: We are going to enjoy dinner & drinks at
Pogue Mahone Irish Pub after the walk at around 4:30 or 5 p.m.
Separate cheques will be provided

Down to earth fun for Single Nature Lovers. - Membership Cards are valid for one full year!
New Members & Past Members:
$40 Membership gets you 3 Free Walks!

Current Members:
Renew your card one week before your expiry date and get $5 off plus the above. ($35)

"First Time Brand New Member" Deal - Get a package of 6 walks ($60) or 12 walks ($115)
right away and we'll give you a FREE Annual Membership Card for joining us.
Thank you for your support of our Membership group.)

Walk Packages for Current Members:
$35 for 3 walks, ($11.67 each).
$60 for 6 walks, ($10 each).
$115 for 12 walks, ($9.58 each).

One Walk: $20, Members $18

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and/or call 416 -484-WALK (9255)

What to wear & bring on the Walks

Christa Kroboth
Founder/ Coordinator
416 484-9255,

MEETING SPOT: Starbucks Coffee Shop on the N/W corner of Yonge and College.

A Stroll in The Park's Cabbage Town Fun Walk - 99% Single. Women, Men
Couples, Groups, Visitors to Toronto have always been welcome.
All proceeds from our fun events help support our fun walking group
started in 1990 for safety in numbers.©

Plus A Stroll in The Park Hidden Park Treasures Walking Program for Schools!
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