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Vitality Magazine celebrates our 20th year with us! 2010!

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A Stroll in The Park newsletter - 1995 - A Stroll in The Park becomes PARTNERS with the City of Toronto.

A Stroll in The Park Partners with the City of Toronto!

Dear Members OF A STROLL IN THE PARK! The City of Toronto has asked for our help.

Since we walk ALL WINTER LONG the City of Toronto has asked A STROLL IN THE PARK to aid them by opening up our "Safety in Numbers" and "Health" SERVICE CLUB to TOURISTS. WE are now also Members of Tourism Toronto via the City of Toronto's MOVING THE ECONOMY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM, the City of Toronto Green Tourism Association .

Men, Couples, Tourist, Groups have been welcome to support our Award Winning Safety in Numbers and Health walking / hiking SERVICE CLUB since 1990. See our many News stories enclosed. (BELOW)

For more info : 416-484-WALK

2002 UPDATE: The City of Toronto asks A Stroll in The Park for our help with additional Marketing in 2002.

2005 UPDATE: the City of Toronto asks for our CLUB'S PUBLIC PARKS group photographs to promote our Public Parks internationally.

2007 UPDATE: A Stroll in The Park aids the Ministry of Health Promotions with their TRAILS ETHICS code. We are fairly and equally listed along side the Ontario Trails Counsel, Hike Ontario and others.
A Stroll in The Park at our OWN COSTS supported these and many other Toronto and Ontario charities. A Stroll in The Park is listed as #45 on the Ontario Trail Ethics: Codes of Conduct for Trail Use in Ontario. PAGE 30.

2007 UPDATE: A Stroll in The Park is applauded for our efforts via written documentation and recorded voice mail messages by Political Leaders on all levels of government.

2007 UPDATE: the City of Toronto asks A Stroll in The Park to submit all our concepts, strategies and idea to them.

1990 to 2011 UPDATE: A Stroll in The Park AIDS the in City of Toronto and governments with "Educational initiatives", "Green", "Health", "Tourism", "Safety", "Economic developement" initiatives, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.


Hike Ontario Outlook newsletter - 1996

A Stroll in The Park Reaches 5th Anniversary

For those who don't know of it, A Stroll in The Park is a group of Single Nature Lover who pay a small fee to attend organized hikes and walks in groups of approximately 20 - 50. The organization began with the idea of "safety in numbers", but obviously the social value of the group has contributed to its success and growth. Scheduled events coming up include:

July 6-7 - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm - Toronto Islands

Aug 3-4 - 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm High Park, Toronto (Note: Shakespeare Play begins 8 pm)

Aug 31 - Sept 1 Edwards Gardens

For more info : 416-484-WALK


TCN - Toronto Community News - InsideToronto.com -City Centre - The Mirror

June 29, 2010

Walking group celebrates 20 years - by Justin Skinner

Some 23 years after being attacked by a stranger while taking a break from cycling in High Park, North Toronto resident Christa Kroboth is celebrating a milestone.

Three years after the vicious attack in a rest room in the popular park, Kroboth started up a walking group, guiding others through various green spaces in the city.

Now that group, dubbed A Stroll in the Park, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a series of anniversary walking tours over the coming months.
Kroboth started the group after her own harrowing attack, which left her shaken, and a bicycle accident which
caused serious injuries that prevented her from cycling.

She took to walking to keep fit, but was still scarred from her ordeal in High Park.

"There was a guy hiding behind the partition at the washrooms and he just grabbed me," she said. "I choked him
and he let go so I was able to get away, but when I rode home, I just started shaking uncontrollably."

Kroboth came up with the concept for group walks to help other women feel safer as they walked through the city's
public parks. Soon, however, she realized there was more demand for those services than she had expected.

"Even though I started it for health and safety in numbers, it became a singles thing," she said. "I just thought
single women would come, but then men started to come along too. Both men and women walking through nature
trails can feel unsafe."

Over the past 20 years, the club has seen countless members come and go, many of them making a love
connection while walking through the city's green spaces.

"We hear about one or two marriages every single year from people who met just gathering together to casually go
for a walk," she said. "I've had people call me up who met on one of our walks to tell me they have kids now."

A Stroll in the Park walks have hosted people from across the city and around the world. For many, the club is a
way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors while ensuring they are safe as they hike nature trails. The walks are
10 kilometres long, though participants have the option of stopping after five kilometres.

As they go through the parks, walkers can also learn a bit about their surroundings.

"We have what I call an information minute where we'll discuss the history of the park or discuss a particular plant
or tree," Kroboth said.

A Stroll in the Park members often get together for optional dinners after walks and take trips to scenic destinations
such as Algonquin Park.

The club is hosting a number of walks to celebrate its 20th anniversary. For full details and more information, call
416-484-9255 or visit www.astrollinthepark.com

Front page of the Metropolis section in the Sunday Toronto Star on March 23, 2003

Get Strolling - by Margo Varadi

A Stroll in the Park - Walking & Adventure Club

Toronto Islands

Seventeen-year-old Christa Kroboth was out for a short walk in High Park at 1 in the afternoon, when she was grabbed by a man who had followed her into the women's bathroom. He tried to kiss her but she grabbed his Adam's apple (as her grandfather had taught her to do) until he stopped and she could run away.

Three years later, Kroboth began Stroll in the Park as a means for singles to enjoy walking Toronto's green spaces with the safety of numbers. It is also an opportunity for singles to find that "special someone to share long nature walks with," as advertised so often by newspaper personals. Her group offers regular tours of local parks, such as the Rosedale Ravine and the Scarborough Bluffs.

On this day, Kroboth leads a group of singles on a Toronto Islands tour. The guide, with overflowing enthusiasm, platinum blonde hair, black eyeliner and tights, reminds one of an aerobics instructor as she leads her tour to the ferry terminal.

A male participant is greeted by Kroboth with squeals and hugs. There are significantly more women than men: 11 to four. But for two younger women in the group, this appears to be of no concern. "The singles thing is not really my main goal. I'm interested in the exploration and the exercise," says Michelle Michalak, a public relations worker in her 20s.

Kroboth describes her walks as a way to get to know people naturally, without the drunken pressures of the bar scene. "At least not until later," an eavesdropping woman interrupts, anticipating the dinner and drinks option afterward.

Kirk MacGregor, president of the Toronto Caving Group (a local cave-exploration association), says frankly: "I admit openly that I'm here for the singles. Let's face it, I'm aging, plain and poor; I don't have a snowflake's of a chance."

Whether or not people have the same objectives, they are united by a love of the outdoors, which is clear as they introduce themselves in the greeting circle that begins all of Kroboth's tours. The group then sets off for Hanlan's Point, the boat ride feeling like a tour of the Arctic as it crunches through the ice. "It's one of Toronto's best-kept winter secrets," says the first mate of the ride. Ospreys, falcons and snowy owls can be spotted in winter as they stop over Lake Ontario on their migrations, he says.

From there, it is off to the lighthouse, ice formations at the pier and finally the Rectory Café before the tour, or at least the walking part, is over.

The $20 cost of the 3 -hour walks covers administration; transportation and the dinners after are extra. Sometimes, Kroboth offers a brief history of the selected park, or has someone from the group read a blurb from a Green Tourism map.

But, according to Kroboth, she is not offering a tour - she's offering an chance for people to take a leisurely stroll through a park without having their brains stuffed full of information.

Vitality - Toronto's Monthly Wellness Journal - April 2002

A Stroll in The Park Celebrates Anniversary

A Stroll in The Park Walking & Adventure Club will celebrate its 12th anniversary this year. The club was initially created with the single woman in mind, but is now immensely popular with nature lovers of both sexes, from every walk of life.

In spring, summer and fall walks take place every Saturday or Sunday, unless there's a special event planned. Walking and exploring takes place in more tan 15 different locations across the city, including: Humber River Valley and High Park in the West; Edward's Gardens, Sherwood Forest and the Rosedale Ravine to the north; the Islands and the Beaches in the south; and the Scarborough Bluffs and Rouge River Valley to the East. Members receive walk information in the mail a couple of weeks prior to the event. Each outing starts at 1 p.m. and lasts three to five hours with optional halfway departure points. A newcomer may join on the day of the walk, but be sure to arrive at 12:30 to complete some paper work.
These walks are an excellent way to keep fit while socializing in a healthy environment. There is also a strong feeling of safety while walking with a group through parks and gardens.

There are four types of membership of fees ranging from $20 to $115. Membership card can be used for discounts at five outdoor stores and there are discounts for all the Special Events listed in the Club's schedule. Among the special events are: Royal Botanical Gardens & Dandruff Castle Dinner on May 18; a weekend at Tobermory June 7-9; a Niagara Winery Hike on August 10 and the Niagara Festival of Lights on Nov. 23. Vitality's Pat Young says she can't believe that it is 12 years since she first took A Stroll in The Park! "It was a brisk, but beautiful, fall day, and I still recall what a good time I had."

For further details phone the Info-Hotline at 416 484-9255, visit http://www.astrollinthepark.com, or email info@astrollinthepark.com

National Post, Saturday, June 23, 2001

She gets men and women out on a hiking trail and then lets nature take its course!

How do you get women out to an event? "Invite men," says Christa Kroboth founder of A Stroll in The Park Walking & Adventure Club.
The club started 11 years ago to make nature trail walking safer for women. Ms. Kroboth herself was attacked in High Park. As well as providing safety in numbers, budding romances were the fortunate by-product, with some members taking their final walk as a single down the aisle. It makes sense because walkers already have a love of nature in common, says Ms. Kroboth. The club is 99% singles, the majority between the ages of 30 and 50. But anyone over 18 is welcome. Between 20 to 60 people meet once or twice every two weeks at a subway station near their trail destination. Upcoming walks include Edward Gardens and a fall excursion to Algonquin Park. Call (416) 484-WALK. National Post

Toronto Life March 1998 -The Fitness and Wellness Guide - A pull out section.

By Robert Maurin

Here are some fun ways of picking up the pace without entering a gym.

A Stroll in the Park

Single Nature Lovers Wanted. "I formed A Stroll in the Park six years ago," explains Christa Kroboth, "because I wanted to be able to walk around on nature trails and be safe. Initially I thought I would do it just for women, but men were calling wanting to participate, too." Now all year round, up to 50 people at a time hit the trails at a different Toronto park every other week, and usually head out for dinner after. In peak summertime, the under-40 and over-40 crowds are divided: one group walks on Saturdays and the other on Sundays. In winter when the number of participants is lower, the two groups walk together. The exercise is appreciated by all, but coed membership adds a romantic dimension--the club has had a marriage in its ranks every single year.

Where to start: You can become a member which give you six walks for $60 or 12 for $115. Or, you can go on individual outings for $20 each. The walks are three to four hours long, and all parks are accessible by the TTC. The club has also branched into day or weekend trips to Niagara wineries, the Elora Gorge, Algonquin Park and Gatineau Park, and this August will offer a week-long trip to Banff. Call 484-WALK for information.

What you need: Good walking shoes and a good appetite.

The Toronto Sun - Lifestyle - pg.78 Thurs. May16/96

Road to fitness just a walk in the park. - By LORI FAZARI - Special to the Sun

Hey, take a hike!

Christa Kroboth likes to walk on by and by and by... She can't get enough of walking and she's even formed a walking program for people like her called A Stroll in The Park. It turned five years old this spring.

The group began after Kroboth suffered a serious bicycle accident. The only form of exercise she could handle afterwards was walking, so the nature lover decided to take to it outdoors. She saw there was a lack of safety for single women walking in parks, and set out to find like-minded individuals who enjoy walking in a social atmosphere.

One advantage of the group is "safety in numbers," say Kroboth. Another is stress relief. "People have very stressful lives these days, so this is a nice way to walk and relieve stress."

Men also began showing interest in the group. A Stroll in The Park now has more than 250 single nature-loving members.

They visit more than 15 scenic nature trails in the city, including the Humber River Valley, High Park, Sunnybrook Park, the Beaches, and the Scarborough Bluffs. The group also holds special events outside Toronto, most recently in Hamilton at the Royal Botanical Gardens and at Algonquin Park.

Kroboth leads two groups, split up by age, on weekend walks approximately every two weeks, all year round. And there's more than walking success - there has been one marriage per year of couples who met during walks.

FITNESS: "I walk with the two groups every two weeks, one group on Saturday and one group on Sunday - walking 12 miles is great exercise."

"I try to do my aerobics three times a week, when I have time, and also enjoy cycling a lot," which she does around her neighborhood.

DIET: "I try to snack on healthy foods, like popcorn. I have at least three fruits a day and two vegetables a day." Kroboth combines this with three starches a day, and eight to 12 oz. of meat a week - lean cuts only, of course.

"I generally have a lot of fish, chicken and legumes because they provide a lot of fiber and are low in saturated fats."

She keeps her fat intake down to three teaspoons a day - "if I do have a sweet I'll make sure to have that only twice a week."

Meanwhile, membership to A Stroll in The Park is $35 a year. Membership includes discounts at five outdoor sports stores and three free walks. Walkers receive location cards with the time and meeting spot. Nonmembers pay $20 a walk.

For more information, call 484-WALK.

Toronto's Midtown Voice Page 11 November, 1991

Midtown Neighborhoods - A New Perspective On Loving Nature

By Barbara Neyedly

A woman who created the concept of single adults taking walks in the park together, did so in part because there is safety in numbers, and because the parks are a lot safer when more people use them.

Christa Kroboth, a resident of Esplanade Avenue and a freelance graphic designer says "I get all my creative ideas from nature. But being a single woman I was finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy my long walks on the weekend in High Park without feeling threatened in some way."

So back in September 1990, her brainchild, A Stroll in the Park took off, becoming an instant hit, particularly with single woman. Many called up Kroboth to say "What a good idea!"

She organizes one walk a month, often in High Park, and always in accessible locations such as Edward's Gardens, where her most recent outing on October 20 took place.

Although she tries to keep the numbers of men and women even, and the age spread to about 15 to 20 years, the idea is not to start a dating service, but to promote "safer walks for singles, who are also nature lovers,' says Kroboth. And "unattached" is really the operative word - not necessarily single, she says.

"I don't want people coming out just to meet someone," she points out. "The idea is to relax and enjoy yourself. It's a way to get people out who haven't been to a park in 10 years and need a new perspective on the earth," she says. "It is also a healthy alternative to the bar scene."

Why a group for singles in that case? Because, says Kroboth, people who are single, might not enjoy themselves "with a lot of kids around." But she is thinking of starting a group for just single parents.

Keeping the balance between the sexes for a given outing is only difficult for the age group over 50, says Kroboth, where available men who want to take a walk with a group, are apparently in short supply.

Kroboth enjoys taking her groups along isolated trails that most women never feel safe enough to meander along when alone.

It was in High Park that Kroboth was attacked a few years ago. *While bicycling through the park, she stopped at the Grenadier Restaurant to use the washroom. Going outside, she says a man "came whipping around a little partition. He grabbed me -- I couldn't even see him, except for his Adam's apple. I just squeezed it until he gave up."

(*CLARIFICATION: The assailant hid "inside" the Ladies Washroom building which is directly across the street from Grenadier Restaurant.)

Afterwards a police officer told her "You shouldn't be here alone." Those words were echoed by her doctor just last year, when Kroboth, riding her bike through High Park , again, "bashed into a barrier -- it had no reflective color - and went flying over it onto concrete. That doctor scolded me for being there." She said "What were you doing in the park alone?"

The result was - A Stroll in the Park.

Kroboth says word of mouth spreads the idea of the walks, where "People of similar interests can develop no-pressure friendships."

Ten successful walks have already taken place since start up what Kroboth calls her "hobby".

The walks usually take place on weekends between 1 and 4:30 PM, with a break at the halfway point at a concession stand. Sundays in the Park events will carry on during the winter in such locations as the Toronto Islands and Sunnybrook Park. Preregistration is required. To join the group, call 969-3162, or write to: A Stroll in the Park, c/o Christa Kroboth, Suite 116, 34 Eglinton Avenue West, Tor. M4R 2H6.

SINGLES MINGLE IN NATURE: a healthy alternative to the bar scene, A Stroll in the Park, attracts singles of all ages for outings that involve hiking and enjoying nature with their own age group. Centre, Christa Kroboth, creator of the concept, is surrounded by some friendly companions who agree with her idea at a recent hike. Photo courtesy Christa Kroboth

* 99% of our participants are Single, but Couples are welcome to join in the Fun!
*GTA Visitors are also welcome!!!


Hike Ontario Outlook newsletter - 1996

A Stroll in The Park Reaches 5th Anniversary

For those who don't know of it, A Stroll in The Park is a group of Single Nature Lover who pay a small fee to attend organized hikes and walks in groups of approximately 20 - 50. The organization began with the idea of "safety in numbers", but obviously the social value of the group has contributed to its success and growth. Scheduled events coming up include:

July 6-7 - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm - Toronto Islands

Aug 3-4 - 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm High Park, Toronto (Note: Shakespeare Play begins 8 pm)

Aug 31 - Sept 1 Edwards Gardens

For more info : 416-484-WALK


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