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From Katrine - A Tourist from Norway - Thanks Katrine - Hope to see you once you come visit again!!!!

Hi Christa,
Could you remove my e-mail address from the mailing-list as I have now returned to Norway and sadly will no longer be able to join in any of the walks? All the best of luck with recruiting school-classes to your walks!



Hello Christa,
I'm interested in joining your walk on Sunday June 28th. However, I am
not single. I am married (though my husband won't be coming with me.)
I just have an enjoyment of walking and would like to do it with a
group of people. Is this acceptable.
Also, do i need to do anything other than bring $20 on the day of the
walk to register?
Thank you,
Sarah Boyd.

Couples, Groups, Visitors and Tourists have always been welcome to join A Stroll in The Park. Many married Ladies are in fact are "Single Nature Lovers". Everyone is welcome to support our efforts! Join us!)
A Stroll in The Park has been partnered with the City of Toronto's Urban Development Services - Economic Development Partnership Program
for 14 years via the Green Tourism Association.)

A Stroll in The Park meets all the criteria of the Toronto Pedestrian Charter, which was adopted by Toronto City Council on May 21, 2002.
Jane Jacobs, the World-renowned urban activist, presented this Charter to City Council. It outlines her "TRUE VISIONS" for the City of Toronto

A Stroll in The Park has always met all the criteria outlined in the Charter: #1 Safety. #2 Health. #3 Environmental Awareness, Culture and History. #4 Community Cohesion. #5 Economic Vitality.
Join us for a great time!

We meet all the needs of Jane Jacobs true visions : see Toronto Pedestrian Charter and Reference



Hi Christa,
I'm sure you'll have just as much fun, if not more with the younger folks,
at today's walk. I'm so glad I went with you yesterday. It helped to bring
a whole new perspective to my life.
See you on the 28th.
All the best,



Hi, Christa. I think I was on your hikes when you first started the group about 18 years ago! I'm glad to see you're still going strong. I'd love to receive your e-mails and join again!
Warm regards,




Enjoyed the walk in High park very much. So nice to see some beautiful spring blossoms. I grew up in the west end of Toronto and used to spend time as a child in High park, but learned some new things about it on your guided walk!




Dear christa,

My name is Noman and I am new in canada. I am single and want to join your group. Your group can help me a lot by means of culture understanding and discovering new places. I am a software engineer by profession and very social and adventures by nature. So if you take me in your group then we can have a good chemistry. Thanks

Best Regards,
M. Noman Siddiqui
Fairview Road West, Mississauga, canada


Hi Christa,
As you can see I received your e-mail.
You run a top notch club!
Thanks for the wonderful hike last weekend.
The fellow hikers were as much fun as the hike.


Hello Christa,
Just wanted to let you know that something has come up and I will be out of the city tomorrow.

I think your group is fantastic and I have had lots of fun.




Hi Christa,

I just listened to the interview. You sounded great! Your enthusiasm and friendliness came through loud and clear! I am sure you will get many new members as a result!

Great job,




Hi Christa

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful event. I really enjoy this afternoon's walk and talk.

I signed up today and I understand I am eligible for the next 2 events, which I believe includes the Guildwood and the High Park. I can make it to the Guildwood walk but will be out of town on the 8th-9th. Please let me know what my options are?

Thank you very much

Heidi Firby



HI Christa,

It was great to have met you! Just to let you know I had a wonderful time at the walk. I shall spread the word!
You seem to be very passionate about your walks and also very well organized! I was really impressed!

Thank-you again, and I'm looking forward to the next walk.

Cheers, and have a great week.




Dear Christa,
I would like to apologize for missing out on the last walk, on the 10th of
Saturday to the Rouge Valley. I honestly imagined that it was for a Sunday
and therefore completely missed it. I only realized my mistake when I was
planning my travel for the walk on Sunday. Anyway I look forward to our
next walk to the Guildwood park on the 18th, which I note is a Sunday this
The last walk at Toronto Islands was really nice and I had a real good time.
Once again, I would like to thank you for providing me with this opportunity
to see places, meet people and get onto such great walks!!
I would like to reschedule my participation for the walk at Highpark on
August 14 for a later walk. Please confirm if this is ok with you.
Dinesh Kumar Raveendran


Hi Christa,

Sorry I have been not coming to the walks for a while, but I do have a good excuse. I have spent the last few months traveling around Eastern Canada, before starting a slow journey home to Australia in early July. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the RSVP night as I am currently in Newfoundland (and only now received your voicemail message - limited digital phone coverage in this part of the world).

I hope everything goes well for you and everyone in the group. I greatly enjoyed the walks, dinners and meeting people from all over Toronto.



Here are some email replies from couples who have met on "A STROLL IN THE PARK"

(There have been many throughout the years. I have also received a number of very nice telephone calls and letters. I always joke that I have never had any children, but am responsible for giving birth to many!)


Dear Christa

It's been 10 months now since I have been to one of your group meetings. I came to 1 dance and had met a very beautiful girl and to this day we are still going strong and very much in love with other. I want to thank you and your organization for having us attend that night.

Steve Kvarda & Amy Evans

Thanks so much for letting me know Steve.
Say Hi to Amy for me.

By the way: For any of our fun trips 99% are Single - Couples are welcome to join.
Hope to see you again.



Hi Christa

I just wanted to let you know that your walking group has had a large effect on two peoples lives. Last year on a walk around the Toronto Islands on September 9 I met a very sweet and special guy.

Were were married a few weeks ago on September 3rd here in Toronto.

It was the first walk with your group for both of us and neither he nor I expected that things would turn out quite like this. Needless to say we are both very glad they did and thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet.


John and Marcia Bissada

Thanks for letting me know Marcia. I will share your lovely letter with the group. I will keep you on file as a couple. (Couples are welcome on all our events) Congrats!!!


Hi Christa.

I actually wanted to tell you that I met a man during the summer of 1992 on "Walk in the Park". He is now my husband. If you are the same Krista, Wayne and I met initially on the Walk in the Park at Hyde Park I believe, whichever one it was I remember that City TV was there and I, Wayne and some other people were hiding behind a tree! I think I went on 2 or 3 other walks after that.

The reason I emailed you is that Wayne and I were in Toronto on the weekend
and we saw your flyer in the Yonge and Davisville area. I thought I would email you to see if it was still the same group. Wayne and I got married in 1995 and now live in Hamilton.

Just a little walk down memory lane. Thanks and take care. All the best in the future!

Patricia Hitchcock (nee Corlett)

Thanks Patricia, I'll share your email with the rest of the group. Thanks so much for emailing me. I remember you guys hiding behind the tree. I was wondering what you two were doing. Now I know. Congrats!!!


(Wayne was one of the first guys that joined our group. Thanks Wayne.)


Hi Christa,

I have been meaning to contact you in regards to Stroll in the Park for a while now.
You are probably wondering why you haven't seen or heard from me since the Taylor Creek walk back in October, 2002.

You can ask Edith all about this as well, but through that walk I met David Lee a friend of Edith's who had introduced Dave to Stroll in the park. It was Dave's first walk and my third.

It was funny as on the walk we hadn't come in contact with each other,in fact it wasn't until Memories of Japan that we connected when Dave sat next to me.

Dave and I were married on 23 March, 2003, if it wasn't for Stroll in the Park we wouldn't have met, especially as we are both shy people. Now I couldn't imagine life with out Dave, he is my best friend and soul mate.

I am truly grateful for single organizations such as Stroll in the Park, here is a success story you can share with other members. Thanks Christa.
Megan Troughton-Lee.



Great story Megan. I will certainly share it with everyone! Congratulations!
Say Hi to David for me.


Niagara Trip Comments

Niagara Festival of Lights Trip

Just saying hello, and thinking how nice it would be to get out and walk. Please let me know if I can just pay per walk. I truly had a great time with you all in Niagara On the lake and falls. Take care Christa you are doing a great job and I love hearing from you.
Jennifer Merry


Christa, you may be on vacation now, but I still want to thank you for the great job on the weekend Niagara Region hike.Ý You kept us safe and enabled us to have a good time.Ý I would certainly pass the word out about your group.Ý I look forward to other walks/talks/get-togethers.Ý Sincerely, Rocky.

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Tobermory Trip Comments

Dear Christa:

Just wanted to thank you for yet another brilliant trip! I know that yours is a tough job but somehow you manage to pull it off! I had a wonderful time ... the scenery was breathtaking, the hikes good exercise and fun, and the accommodation excellent.Thanks so much.


I know this is a week late but I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend in Tobermory. It was fantastic, especially Indian Head Cove and the Grotto! Enjoyed Flower Pot Island, too, and got some great pictures both days. I think we got wonderful value for the money.Another thing that was great is the people. I met 3 women who have been in touch since and are now new friends!
Thanks again,
Barbara S.

Hi Christa,

Wanted to be sure and send you an email about our trip to Tobermory. I had a fantastic time! So much fun!! Every day was just great!!! I had such fun Saturday night too. You really took the best parts of the Tobermory area and brought it to the group. The Grotto was the high point. Just beautiful!! I felt I had a weeks holiday wrapped up in one weekend!!!! Thanks so much for planning the trip and offering it this year. I would do it again!
Thanks again,

Hello Christa,

I want to thank you for a fantastic weekend in Tobermory. It felt like I was on a weeks vacation. The views were awesome and around every corner was a surprise like a cave or a cliff. The group of strangers became a group of laughing, singing and dancing fools. I haven't laughed like that for a long time. Has anyone pointed out that the Toronto Star had an article on Tobermory in Tuesdays paper, page A4. You MUST read it. I am saving it.

Dear Christa,

Let me congratulate you on a great weekend at Tobermory. I have picked up the four rolls of film I had shot while we were up there. I'd love to sit and go through them with you. Please let me know what date and time are suitable for you.
Best regards

Hi Christa,

Good evening and hope you're doing great! The Tobermory weekend trip was excellent, especially the Bruce Peninsula day trip walk(and swim). looking forward to many more...

Hey Christa,

I'll start back the walks next weekend. And to add to your Tobermory comments, I also had a great time. I laughed till I cried on Saturday night and the walk on Sunday was absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to future trips.
Linda F.



It's Barb here. I had a wonderful weekend too! I just picked up 2 rolls today (the other is still in the camera) and the colours came out beautifully. The picture of Mohson sitting on the stump pointing turned out too. I will send you a couple of pics this week so you can put them on the website. I am looking forward to the pictures Lon took. There is one of Diane at the women's washroom near the white house on flower pot island. Take care and I plan to see you and others on the 23rd for Casa Loma.
Barb B.

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Algonquin Trip Comments

Hi Christa:

I really enjoyed the Algonquin trip last weekend. I was wondering if you could help me link up with one of the ladies who was also on this trip. I did not get her name, but she is French-speaking and lives I think on McNicoll St. in Toronto. If this rings a bell (but it's not much to go on) could you pass on to her my phone no. and/or email address. She might remember that I was the guy who spoke some French with her at the lodge. It's a long shot, but worth a try. I'm still debating the Cuba trip. How many do you have signed up for it (apart from Terry and Dave). It sounds interesting.

(Please note: Chris hooked up with her.)

Evelyn was in Town all the way from B.C.

Hi Christa,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time in Algonquin... I have been raving to everyone about how much fun I had... it was a great breather between visiting family and the highlight of my trip ... I would recommend your club to anyone who is planning a trip to Ontario... not sure when I'll be back but I will give you a call if I'm heading your way again... say hello to everyone and let them know it was great to have been a part of their weekend... I wish you a successful 2003...

Hi Christa,

Had a great time in Algonquin. Laine & I really liked the accommodation Very up scale. See you soon.
As ever,

Hi Christa,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I had a really, really good time in Algonquin. Especially Sunday as I have time to canoe and do the hike. I liked doing one long trail making for less time on the bus.
Thanks so much,

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Party Comments

Hey Christa:

I had a great time at your party last Saturday!! The music selection was great.... Cheers, Nazmin

Hi Christa,

Had a great time on Saturday. Really great party.

Thanks, Christa. It was a great party.

Hi Christa:

I just wanted to let you know I had a nice time at the party. I was wondering when my walks would start. Remember I can only walk on Sunday as I work Saturday.

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Without all of you all this fun would not be possible!


Party Prizes

Thanks everyone for coming to the Party! This list will be updated after the next Party!
Thanks Errol for the excellent music!

Winners at the Party:

Nancy Leclerc
Winner of $100 towards the COSTA RICA Holiday Trip - Jan 30 to Feb 8

Maria Regan
Winner of $60 towards the ALGONQUIN PARK Fall Colour Trip - Oct 3 to 5

Yesa Paiso
One-day seminar from "Business of Manners" Held at the Ontario Club downtown Toronto, and includes a gourmet 4-course lunch with wine. You will walk out with a lot more confidence than when you walked in. Value $195
(Generously donated by Adeodata Czink 416-971-9754.)

Hajira Ginwalla - Irene Louie - Mike Mitchell
Winners of 6 passes (3 sets) to attend the Singles Connecting Event at the ROM on July 18 or Sept. 26. Value $49 each. (set $98)
(Generously donated by Conrad Biernacki at the ROM 416-586-5797. Our cross promotion partner)

Pat McGregor
A Stroll in The Park Walking & Adventure Club Sweat Shirt. Value $45

Terry Newicki
A Stroll in The Park Walking & Adventure Club T-Shirt Value $24

Carrie Szollosi
A Stroll in The Park Walking & Adventure Tank Top Value $24

Errol Gonsalves
Friday Night on the Moon CD Value $20

Roslyn Oslender
Canadian Wildlife Almanac Value $12

Peter Maddison
Green Tourism Park Map $10

Congratulations Everyone!

Thank You all for the support of our group!

Hope to see you at our next Party

(Please note: Prizes vary at every party depending on the season we are
celebrating. See you there.)

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