RSVP Token events were started to help support our fun A Stroll in The Park Walking Group which was started in 1990 to provide "Safety in Numbers" for Single Nature Lovers. These events are various activities so that we can have fun besides doing our main walking events.

Thank you for your support of our group.

How do Tokens work?

They were designed with your ease of use in mind. They work this way:
  • You buy tokens or packages of tokens (cheaper) - they are virtual item and not a physical item.
  • You then look at our events, pick one you like and register for the event (your tokens are then deducted from your total on hand).
  • Once registered, you show up at the event, sign in and have FUN!!
  • You repeat the steps above whenever you need more tokens and continue to have fun!

Again, Thank you for your support of our group.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our RSVP Token events!

How Much Are the RSVP Events?

1 - 2 Tokens

3 - 6 Tokens

1 - 12 Tokens

When do they take Place?

The 3rd Friday
y other month

The 3rd Friday

every other month.

Various times - no set schedule.

Why do you have a RSVP token system?

I have devised this system to make registration for our RSVP events very quick. FASTER then e-commence. In addition our group saves the e-commence processing costs. We then pass on the Savings to you. We also feel there is added security in processing credit cards in a personal manner. Over the phone or in person.

How do I join a RSVP TOKEN event?

When you see a RSVP event on our Web Page that you would like to attend you can simply RSVP me and I will put your name on the list for that event.

Can I buy my tokens in advance?

Yes, you can buy your token in advance.

Can I buy my tokens, say 6 and RSVP for 6 events right away to ensure I am included in those dates?

Yes, you will be e-mailed all the details prior to the event date as a reminder. With a token count.

How will I know how many tokens I have on file?

Every time you RSVP a personalized token count will be sent to you.
If you get 3 tokens and use one up 2 tokens will be placed in your file.

If you purchase 6 tokens in advance the notice will state:
1 token has been deducted and that you still have 5 tokens on file.

By when should I RSVP you by?

If you see an event you would like to join you can RSVP me right away. However, some events have deadlines. Please refer to that specific event found on the website. You can still register even if the event is 3 to 6 months down the road. This will ensure that a space will be saved for you. Early RSVPs also will help us establish lower GROUP RATES. So RSVP right away!

So if I get a Membership with 3 FREE tokens you will deduct one and place the remaining 2 tokens in my file and send me a Membership Card. Correct?

Correct, then you can RSVP me whenever you see a event you would like to join. RSVP 2 more times to use up your tokens.

I am new to your group and would like to join Band Night tonight? Can I come tonight and buy some tokens?

Yes, just RSVP me in advance informing me that you "need tokens". I also need to know you are coming so I can save you a space. If you become a New Member tonight for $40 you will get 3 FREE tokens.

(Past Members: you can renew your Membership Card for $40 and get 3 FREE tokens instead of walks if you prefer.)

Can I use a RSVP Token to go on a walk?

No. RSVP tokens are to be used only for events that appear on the RSVP schedule.

Can I use a RSVP Token to go to a party?

No. RSVP tokens are to be used only for events that appear on the RSVP schedule. Our seasonal dance parties count as a walk. New Year's Eve is a separate registration all together.

Must I use my RSVP tokens consecutively? (Walk packages are consecutive with a flexible cancellation policy - jump to info.)

No. Just RSVP me whenever you see an event you would like to join on our RSVP schedule.

I notice that the Seasonal Dance Parties count as a walk. Should I call in a cancellation if I can not attend?

Yes, the computer is automated and I must readjust your file.

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